Car repair
turnkey in PMR

We will restore your car
after a turnkey accident!

Your car will be taken care of by the best specialists in the city!

Did you buy a car from the USA after an accident?
Don't have time to do repair and restoration work?
Do you need to fix your car urgently?
There is an EXIT!

Let's do our best! As soon as possible! We do quality!

By applying for the Turnkey Car Repair service, you will significantly save time, because there will be no need to take the car to different services, having previously spent time searching for them, and our specialists will also search for the ones necessary for repairing your car.

Our partners provide a full range of services for the restoration and repair of cars involved in an accident. Vast experience, modern and professional equipment and highly qualified specialists make it possible to guarantee the quality of repair and restoration work.

Body repair services:

1) Body work; 2) slipway works; 3) Repair of bumpers; 4) Car painting; 5) Abrasive polishing; 6) Dry cleaning

Did you buy a car from the USA after a hailstorm, or is the car slightly damaged?

Paintless dent removal specialists will professionally restore your car part and you will not have to overpay for painting the part.

PDR Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal on a car among professionals is called PDR technology. This is an abbreviation, and the full name sounds like Paintless Dent Repair, which corresponds to the generally accepted name of the procedure. PDR technology can be used to restore car parts only when the dent has no damage to the paintwork. This is the main and, perhaps, the only condition that makes it possible to use paintless repairs.

5 reasons why
you should choose us

Compliance with the terms and cost of repairing your car.

We comply with the established deadlines and costs. If during the repair process, other malfunctions are detected, we warn the client about this in advance, and also discuss additional conditions. In case of delays on the part of spare parts suppliers and other force majeure circumstances, we also inform the client in advance.

We provide the opportunity to control the process of car repair PERSONALLY.

We control the process of car repair ourselves. If the client wishes to follow the work personally, we provide him with such an opportunity, subject to safety precautions.

Providing your car with all the necessary spare parts.

The specialists of our company will analyze the spare parts market, find and deliver the necessary spare parts as soon as possible and at a favorable price for you.

Saving your personal time and nerves.

The entire process of repair and restoration work will be under the control of our specialists, which will ensure the quality of the work performed at all stages of the repair.

The best quality in town.

Don't believe me? You have only one way to see for yourself right now!