Our company sells used cars from the USA on the PMR market. This is a complex process, which is being worked on by a large team of experienced employees.

Based on the wishes of the client, our employees will choose a suitable car, buy it at an auction, deliver it to the territory of the PMR, repair it and clear it through customs.

Buying a broken car is a great opportunity to buy a car much cheaper than its counterpart in perfect condition. Often this kind of car is not so broken, because only minor repairs are needed to troubleshoot. A significant part of the cars that really seem broken at first glance is eliminated by replacing parts with new ones.

We work directly with auctions, choose the best option for you, discuss all the details: the maximum bid, additional expenses. What is the benefit? Everything is simple here - saving up to 50%.

There are also a number of additional benefits:

  • Honest information about the mileage of the car and its technical condition.
  • The general condition of the vehicle is in most cases excellent, with the exception of a damaged part that must be replaced.
  • The mileage of a wrecked car is much less compared to a conventional used vehicle.
  • For a nice price, you can buy a car full of convenient options, with a complete set to the eyeballs.
  • The history of a broken car is always 100% true, you know exactly all the necessary information up to the history of the damage.

A wrecked vehicle from America is undergoing repairs and customs clearance, but even so, it will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than the one bought on the PMR secondary market.

Order a wrecked car from the USA