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Buyers from the PMR, Moldova and Ukraine today are showing interest in damaged cars (wrecked cars) from US insurance auctions. The American market today is the main source of emergency cars offered for sale through auctions. The United States was one of the first to sell emergency vehicles worldwide via the Internet.

Insurance auctions, since its inception, have specialized in the sale of emergency vehicles in the United States. Insurance companies are the main suppliers of cars to the auction sites of this system. The bulk of cars sold through auctions has the status - Salvage. This means that the cost of restoring a car exceeds 40% of its real market value. In the United States, such machines are subject to write-off. It would seem, what's the point of buying such cars and taking them across half the continent? There is a point.

In the US, the cost of car body repairs is quite expensive for the owner. With us, the cost of restoring an emergency car will cost several times cheaper.

A salvage car marked Salvage on the auction list immediately loses about 60% of its value in value. However, it may have a minimum mileage, and minor damage. For example, most stolen cars, for which the insurance company has already paid the owner a full insurance indemnity, receive a Salvage status and are sold through auctions if they receive minor damage (broken ignition, signs of brute force entry, stolen audio system).

So you shouldn't treat purchasing emergency vehicles from the USA as an attempt to "fill up Ukraine, PMR or Moldova with auto-junk". The number of those who want to buy a 10-year-old car in America, with a body broken soft-boiled, is minimal. Most buyers are looking for vehicles with low mileage and moderate damage. But not everyone can do it.

Americans are known to be a very enterprising nation. Many of them, having seen how successfully emergency cars are sent for export from auctions, orientated themselves in the situation and began to sell under the guise of almost a whole car, outright trash. This is done very simply. New fenders, hood and bumper are hung on a heavily mangled body. Thus, severe damage to the geometry of the body is hidden. Photographs are taken in such a way that severe damage is not visible. These tricks can mislead inexperienced buyers. It should be noted that auctions are not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the seller. So if you see at an auction an almost complete car, with no visible damage, put up for sale by a private person (dealer), and having Salvage status, then the likelihood of fraud is very high. With great care, you should also treat cars that are marked: WATER DAMAGED. In this case, the cost of restoring a car even in the PMR, Moldova or Ukraine will be high. And don't let the beauty of the interior fool you. Pre-sale preparation at a car wash costs $ 150, and one can only guess what the replacement of wiring, electronic components, repair of automatic transmission and engine will result in.

Car won't start.

This could mean anything from missing the ignition key to the vehicle in question, to severe engine damage.

VIN plate missing.

In this case, there will be problems when registering the car with the traffic police. In some US states, the sale of cars without a VIN plate is allowed, therefore, it is better not to buy wrecked cars in this region.

The general rule for dealing with salvage auctions in America is to measure ten times, cut once. The more information gathered prior to bidding, the better. That is why it is best to buy an emergency car at auctions with the help of professional market participants, such as our company Tir Auto Transport, whose specialists will inspect the car you are interested in.

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We will minimize your risks, provide you with comprehensive information about the car you are interested in, and warn you against buying a car, information on which is not available or is not complete enough.

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