Trucks and special vehicles from the USA with delivery on order

High competition in the field of cargo transportation creates new requirements for trucks - both small trucks and powerful tractors are required for cargo transportation in containers or trucks. Trucks from the USA bought by you and delivered by our company Tir Auto Transport to PMR, Moldova, Ukraine or Russia will help you compete for high-quality and fast delivery cargo.

Tir Auto Transport offers you to buy and deliver trucks from America that meet the requirements and financial capabilities. If you buy a new truck, you will forget about major repairs for a long time, but even if you buy a used truck from America, you will get equipment of the highest quality and at a price 2-3 times cheaper.

Do you or your company need special equipment? We offer trucks from the USA. Their chassis can be used as a base and mount pit drills, a crane, an aerial platform or any other special equipment on them. The specialists of our company will help you choose a truck or special equipment from auctions in America.

What is the advantage of special equipment and trucks from the USA?

The delivered special equipment and trucks from America are out of competition in the market in Ukraine, Moldova or the PMR, not to mention Russia. This is high quality at a low price. This is because the sale of trucks and special equipment in the United States has long been an established sales mechanism. We mean auctions of trucks and special equipment in the USA, where the exhibited lots undergo a full pre-sale check. Therefore, machinery and equipment delivered from the USA, having passed technical and legal expertise, meets the highest requirements. You can be sure that a truck or special equipment from America is absolutely legal and in good working order.

Tir Auto Transport delivers trucks and special equipment for any requirements.

In the USA, we will help you buy truck cranes of world famous brands, as well as equipment for agricultural, construction and industrial purposes.

Our customers can purchase special equipment or a truck from America, choosing from a huge number of offers presented at American auctions. You can choose your equipment, and we, as a company that has direct accreditation at well-known American auctions, will help you select and complete the transaction and deliver the truck or other equipment you bought to your destination.

The risk of buying poor quality equipment through American auctions is reduced to zero, any purchased truck or other equipment will serve without problems for many years. Our client just needs to properly operate and maintain the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

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