Why are American cars so popular?

Even taking into account delivery, repair and customs clearance, these cars are cheaper by 20-30% compared to similar cars on the local market. The condition of American cars is excellent: the fuel is of the highest quality, and maintenance is carried out regularly in the services.

As for comfort and additional options, local drivers do not save on this either.

You can buy a car that is called "for every taste and color".

How to buy a car through our company?

Contact our managers. Specify the brand, type, model, preferred color and year of manufacture with an approximate cost. Our staff will select a suitable option for you, after agreement we will buy and deliver the car.

How does the company select cars?

Following all the preferences of the client, we are looking for a suitable car, we are engaged in the selection of several options, choosing the best one with the customer. Our employees will learn everything about the history of the car, the number of owners, mileage and technical condition. If the car is damaged, the experts will make an assessment and announce the estimated cost of repairs. We constantly keep the client up to date, providing information in full.

Why is a down payment required?

A guarantee fee in case the client suddenly decides to refuse the purchase and decides to terminate the contract.

How to return the fee?

If the client does not refuse the car won at the auction, the fee is returned, and it is also returned if the company cannot purchase the selected car.

Can I cancel a purchase?

You can. If the selected lot has not yet been purchased. In the event that the car has already been purchased, you can also refuse to buy it, but you will lose the guarantee fee.

What is included in the list of services provided by our company?
  • Search and buy a car
  • Delivery and customs clearance
  • Designing a package of documents
  • Car repair and delivery to the customer's city.
How much do our services cost?

The cost depends on a large number of factors. The manager will be able to accurately calculate the amount for your specific order.

How long does it take to deliver a car?

Usually delivery takes 4-6 weeks.

How much money do you need to buy a car at US auctions?

The exact amount can not be called. It depends on certain nuances: the price of a car at an auction, various commissions, payment for transportation, customs clearance and repairs (if required). The specific amount will be announced by our manager after the calculation and discussion of all the intricacies of buying a vehicle.