Still recently, it seemed to everyone that the electric car was the future. We dare to assure you, the future has already arrived! Our company offers an inexpensive purchase of a used electric car from the USA. Contact our staff and they will offer you a variety of options, tell you about all the nuances. We will find a dream car for you, buy it at auction, deliver it to your city and clear customs.

The benefits of buying an electric car

Our employees will professionally pick up a car, buy it at an auction at the lowest price and deliver it from the USA to the port of Odessa, from where it will go to your city. We will carry out quick customs clearance and inexpensive high-quality repairs (if desired), we will take care of the paperwork.

An electric car is profitable!

Buying a car at an auction in the USA, you save up to 50% of its cost, especially if it is a car with minor damage. Bringing an electric car, clearing it through customs and repairing it is much cheaper than buying used cars on the local market. Among other things, electric machines are reliable, cheap to maintain and economical.

The number of electric cars is growing every year, their batteries are becoming more powerful, you should not worry that you will be left without a charge in the middle of the road. An electric car means quiet engine operation and super-economical trips!

As for the pricing policy, our managers will be able to pick up a car for any budget, take into account all the wishes of the client and find the best option for you.

Order an electric car from the USA